Hello, I’m Mig Reyes, a product design leader at Instagram.

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I’m part of the design leadership team at Instagram. As head of design for the Product Foundation organization, I support several teams improving performance, notifications, design systems, and secondary interfaces including Instagram Lite and desktop web. We make Instagram fast, simple, inclusive, and well-crafted for over a billion people globally.

A former Director of Product Design at Sprout Social, I looked after several design teams building social media publishing, reporting, and analytics tools and the design systems team unifying Sprout Social’s design language. I navigated our teams through an aquisition, led the UI redesign of Sprout’s platform, doubled and diversified the design team, and saw the company through to IPO.

Before Sprout Social, I served as the head of the digital product design team at Trunk Club, a fashion service by Nordstrom. We spent our days redesigning the retail experience, positioning design as a strategic partner to the business. Teams collaborated with ours to improve the product experience and implement design processes to inform their work. Before Trunk Club, I briefly served as Director of Design for Tock, studying Michelin-starred service design under Nick Kokonas and The Alinea Group.

My leadership and product-thinking was shaped by my four years as a brand and product designer at Basecamp. I led marketing and product work for their project management software. I built new features, improved customer conversion and retention, embodied the Basecamp voice through marketing experiments and writing, all the way to new product prototyping.

My formative in-house role was with the crowdsourcing t-shirt brand Threadless as their first full-time interactive designer. I created marketing campaigns, defined brand standards, and explored new user interfaces.

While my formal training is in communications and graphic design, I can’t separate the many adjacent disciplines of design. I encourage designers to practice typesetting in the same breath as they practice writing code or prose. I push for trying illustration and studying animation principles. We may not master each craft, but having empathy for all makes for a better designer.

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Pay it Forward

Supporting community

I care about the design industry becoming more diverse and inclusive while fostering the careers of fellow designers. In 2009, I invited influential creatives to share words of wisdom on Humble Pied. I founded the CreativeMornings Chicago chapter, bringing together the city for free monthly creative lectures. This inspired my work serving as President for AIGA Chicago, the oldest professional organization for design.

Teaching & mentorship

I’ve taught the fundamentals of design at The Chicago Portfolio School and The Starter League. In addition to workshops and student portfolio reviews, I’ve served as a mentor at Techstars and an advisor to Designation, a digital design intensive program acquired by WeWork. I couldn’t be any more stoked seeing people find success with a new career in design.


I’ve been fortunate to travel around the country giving presentations on business, creativity, and culture. One of my favorite talks to give is the one I gave at CreativeMornings. It’s four pieces of fun, weird advice that encourages everyone to be makers. You can see where I’ve spoken here.

What friends in design say

    That’s nice of you
  • Aaron Draplin Draplin Design Co.

    Just let it be known: If anyone messes with Mig Reyes, they mess with the entire DDC enterprise.
  • Jessica Hische Illustrator, Letterer

    All I can say is never challenge Mig to a design duel. He will kick your ass and you will feel inferior for the rest of your life.
  • Randy Hunt Former VP Design, Etsy

    Unbounded curiosity, self-reflective, enthusiastic, that's the Mig I know and love!
  • Tina Roth Eisenberg swissmiss

    The world needs more creative humans like Mig Reyes. He is thoughtful, talented, hard-working and leads life with a generous, big heart!
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I’m on Instagram and Twitter. For speaking engagements, interviews, mentorship, and anything else, you can email me at migreyes@duck.com.

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