Photo by Grant Legan

Hello, I’m Mig Reyes. I lead design at Trunk Club and serve as President of AIGA Chicago.


Before leading the design team at Trunk Club, I spent four years as a multidisciplinary designer at Basecamp—formerly known as 37signals. I led brand and marketing projects in tandem with product feature exploration. Before that, I designed user interfaces as well as marketing campaigns at Threadless. Rooted in traditional graphic design, I also experiment outside of digital work.


I spend a lot of time with community outreach. I serve as the President for AIGA Chicago, working hard with my board to make the Chicago design and creative communities more connected and inclusive. Beyond AIGA, I also teach, guest lecture, and serve on advisory boards with Chicago design and tech schools.


I often write about design, craft, and workplace culture. Some favorite pieces: Try, try again, When culture turns to policy, and Reminder: Design is still about words.


From small schools to national conferences, I travel to give presentations on creativity and design. One of my favorite talks to give is the one I gave at CreativeMornings. It’s four pieces of weird and unusual advice that captures how I feel about living our lives as makers.

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